Webbased training for e-mail efficiency

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Thousands of German speaking email-users have already improved their email-efficiency by using one of our customer-specific implementations of our German language webbased Training EmailStar/WBT. Now the course is available in English as well.

EmailStar/WBT was developed by SofTrust Consulting, the leading European email-efficiency consulting and email-efficiency training company. The course incorporates the knowledge gained out of many email-efficiency projects that SofTrust conducted in small, medium sized and big companies in Europe, America and Asia.

The self-paced training includes the most important best practices of email-usage. After finishing the training the learners will know how to organize the workflow, how to store email, how to write email professionally and how to employ the powerful functions provided by modern email clients like Outlook. The course is normally adapted within a customer project to the specific customer's requirement.

Learners learn how to get more effective, efficient and productive when using email. They get insights into how to reduce their email workload by at least one hour per week. To reinforce the knowledge more than fifty test questions are incorporated in the computer based email efficiency course. To work through the course takes between 2 and 2.5 hours.

The course normally is hosted on the company's intranet. There it can be incorporated into the company's learning management system (LMS). Users just need access to the intranet, a standard web browser and speakers (or headsets). Users can select their own learning times and their own learning pace. They can repeat each module as often as they please.

Before starting the trial course:
Please keep in mind that the course is delivered over the Internet. When installed on your Intranet the course is much faster.

Before the course is started it checks your PC for compliance with the requirements. It may be that you get a warning. Just click on the button "course starting". In most cases it will work anyway. Experience one chapter of E-Mail-Star/WBT for free !

Just click here to start the free sample.