SofTrust's E-Mail-Services


SofTrust Consulting is a privately owned European consulting company focused on shaping e-collaboration-culture for medium- and big sized companies. SofTrust Consulting is helping its clients to take maximum benefits out of the capabilities of e-communication and e-collaboration, while avoiding the downsides of these tools.

SofTrust's services deal with:
Making employees more effective. SofTrust let employees discover were they waste their energy. At the same time SofTrust strengthens the feeling of ownership and accountability. Employees learn "to do the right things". As a result they get more done and are more satisfied with their jobs.
Making employees more efficient. SofTrust reduces e-mail-traffic and enhances communication quality. Employees learn "to do the things right".
Enhancing e-communication-professionalism. Employees learn how to use e-communication- and e-collaboration-tools in a way that is in line with the objectives, values and standards of the company.
Reducing risks and liabilities. SofTrust cuts information leaks and gets employees to avoid e-communication that could get their company into legal trouble.

SofTrust Consulting is specialized on organizational development programs for e-collaboration since 2001. Its e-communication change-programs have been successfully run in national and international companies.


SofTrust Consultings scope is focused on e-collaboration-culture (e-mail, instant messaging, e-collaboration, videoconferencing, etc.). More than 50 percent of our projects are still related to e-mail-usage. While SofTrust Consulting considers itself as an overall enabler for changing the e-communication-culture of a company, several of SofTrust’s services may be contracted individually.


SofTrust Consulting's headquarter is in Villach (Austria). SofTrust's consultants work mainly all over Europe, in the Middle East and in the USA.


SofTrust Consulting follows a strict No-Reference-Policy. We safeguard the interests of our customers by not speaking about projects we have conducted for them. As far as contracts do not require otherwise we name companies we have worked for though. You find some of our customers at the end of this page.

Do you want to change your company’s e-mail-culture? Do you have any other e-communications task at hand? Speak with the specialists! Give us a call or write an e-mail. We will call you back.